Advertising Rates

Interested in partnering with Veranellies? You've arrived at the right place! Does your shop or blog cater to awesome ladies (and misters) who love adventure, DIY projects, interior decor, vintage finds, garden mania and living a sustainable lifestyle? Super! Because that’s how I would describe my readers.
Let’s talk partnership! I prefer to work with shops, companies, and brands who reflect my commitment to sustainable and ethical living, creating and being a free spirit. While I know that money makes the world go round, I have a desire to partner with those companies, blogs, and shops which match the vision of Veranellies and, more importantly, myself. Partnering with Veranellies should be a mutually beneficial relationship and I truly love being able to support those who choose to partner with me, while still keeping the content of my blog honest and genuine. I also love good old fashioned bartering, let's partner up!

I currently am managing my own ads and will send you a paypal request if you are choosing a paid sponsorship, email me at veranellies@gmail.com to become a sponsor and advise me of which ad you would like.

Featured:  $10/month 
180 x 180 sidebar

There is only one Featured ad offered per month. You will always be featured at the top above all other ads. You will have the option of writing a guest post or hosting a solo giveaway. You will also be featured at the top of the Meet the Sponsors post.

Large Ad:  $7/month 
180 x 120 sidebar

The large ads are located directly below the Featured ad and will rotate every time the page is loaded. Large sponsors may participate in a group giveaway. You’ll also be a part of the Meet The Sponsors post.

Small Ad:  $5/month
180 x 70 sidebar

Small ads are located directly below the Large ads and rotate every time the page is loaded. Sidebar Ad only.

Small Ad/ Button Swap:  FREE!
180 x 70 sidebar

Small ads are located directly below the Large ads and rotate every time the page is loaded. Sidebar Ad only.

I am also happy to discuss giveaways or product reviews. My only condition is that it is something that I am genuinely interested in. Feel free to email me with any questions or to discuss this possibility further at veranellies@gmail.com Hope to hear from you all soon!!

Disclosure Statement:
Veranellies is a for profit blog, sponsorship prices are subject to change as the readership grows. I am a member of several affiliate programs, which means if you make a purchase using my affiliate link I receive a small percentage of the sale. All money earned is put right back into helping grow this blog. That being said I only work with and support products that I personally believe in and love. I also have to right to turn down any sponsorship request if I feel the blog/store does not fit with my personal beliefs or ethics.


  1. this is a very nice idea and so generous. its very inspiring to meet ppl like yourself online, keep up the good work :-)

    1. aww - well thank you. if you have a blog of your own I would love to have your ad on my site