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I am a huge movie person. I should be right? I was a film and theater major at one time in my distant past. But we are pretty fussy about what we watch, or I should say what we watch in it's entirety. We try to give movies the benefit of the doubt, but sadly, the big budget Hollywood movies are usually the ones we end up shutting off within the first 30 minutes, sometimes sooner.

We generally enjoy watching documentaries, independent and foreign films. (Not to say that they obviously have their fair share of "shut 'em off within 30 minutes as well).

So basically we don't judge a movie until we have seen it. Many surprise us. Some big budget movies we have ended up liking that we really didn't have high hopes for. Others we thought we're going to be amazing, simply fail. 

Another thing you should know is that we do not have cable, not even basic cable and havent for over 2 years. All we have is Netflix and a large library of dvds and bluerays. We have a movie theater set up in our living room with a 110" screen and projector, hooked up to an awesome blueray player that has streaming Netflix and different types of internet channels (perks of marrying a tech junkie is having lots of cool gadgets) and then a 50" flat screen in our bedroom hooked up to our playstation 3 to stream netflix and can also play dvds. Getting rid of cable was the best thing we have ever done. It saved us quite a bit of money every month and I havent had to watch one single commercial in 2 years. I have no idea what new cars are out, what the new "it toy" is at Christmas, no fast food commercials begging me to eat their food. It's glorious. 

So this segment - I tell you what I'm watching and what I thought of it. Obviously it's subjective. Not everyone is going to agree with how I feel about a movie or a show/series that I find. So take it as you wish. I'm just hoping that maybe I can open your eyes to movies you may have normally just walked right past without even thinking about giving it a chance.

I have also created a fun little rating system you will be seeing at the bottom of the posts:

If you want to have the full on "Trisha movie watching experience" I usually have sour patch kids (my favorite candy - eat the heads off first!), Orville Redenbacher's Natural Simply Salted popcorn(I share the bag with the three girls, it's there favorite treat) and if I am lucky a Boylan's root beer or black cherry soda. (usually just on special occasion - normally I just have water)

Happy watching!

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