Monday, January 16, 2012

thrifty Monday

On my thrifting adventures today I came across a pair of awesome hard case vintage luggage in really great shape. 

Ella decided to check out the interior of the large case. But now I have a project.. a not so fun project. The second, smaller case is locked by a  code and we couldn't get it open at the shop. The girl took it back to her manager in which the manager actually threw the case away! When she came back empty handed I was a little shocked. She said "Who wants to buy luggage that you can't open?" Well..maybe me? Well not BUY but if they are going to just toss it I'd try my hand at the hundreds of different combinations that the lock could be!

The girl had me talk it over with the manager who laughed, wished me luck and charged me 49 cents. 

So we'll see. I have already gotten through the 800's and 900's, nothing so far..but I will keep trying. A woman that was checking out when I was that was trying to get it open suggested I throw an "Open my case" party and for me to tell the guests there is some wonderful treasure inside and we'd all spend hours trying to decipher the code. I'd like to think that my friends would be smart enough to shake the case and realize it was empty prior to this game..maybe her friends aren't as smart - or maybe they drink too much.

I also picked up a cute set of mushroom mugs that will be added to my shop. I'm a little bummed there was this neat 70s large pot that was in shades of oranges and browns. The large pot was orange with a cool pattern and then there was another smaller pot inside of it (maybe a strainer?) with a lid on the top. They had it all tapped up so I couldn't pull it apart and see what it was all about, but when I went back to look again it was gone. So weird, seeing that the shop was pretty slow..guess someone else knew what it was!

Okay, time to make some whoopie pies and then back to working on Mikayla's blanket, which somehow is 6 inches wider than it was intended to be! No idea how that happened. But I will say never measure out how long your chain is and go from that - find someone's pattern to see how many chains to use for a 36" blanket!