Wednesday, September 04, 2013

wiw vol 33 The Moo Man

2013 -NR - 1 hour 37 minutes
Streaming Netflix


Modern British dairy farms must get bigger and bigger or go under but Farmer Stephen Hook decides to buck the trend. Instead he chooses to have a great relationship with his small herd of cows and ignore the big supermarkets and dairies. The result is a laugh-out-loud emotional roller-coaster of a film, a heart warming tearjerker about the incredible bonds between man, animal and countryside in a fast disappearing England.

This is not just a story in England, but I think what is happening around the world to farms. It could have very well have been shot here in the US. But I think (I hope) that more and more people like myself who truly care about where there food is coming from are starting to make a difference. We are supporting our local farmers and local restaurants and not buying from the mass-corporate farms. 

Hopefully enough people start seeing how beneficial it is, not only to the local farmer but also for your health. Obviously, just because you buy from your local farmer - you should also do your homework on their farm - how they raise their livestock, what they are feeding them and how they are growing their veggies. 

So go out, do a little research and stop buying from horrific companies like Tyson!