Friday, March 30, 2012

Dear Creatures Blossom dress for sale

I recently bought the red and gold Blossom dress from Dear Creatures when they had it on sale to get ready for their new Spring line. While I love Dear Creatures clothing, their return policy is less than desirable. No returns, only exchanges for a different size. When I bought it they were already sold out of size small, so I bought a medium. It is just simply too big on me and doesn't fit me right. 

It is excellent quality and is fully lined. Obviously the tags are still attached. I even put it directly back into the bag they had it packaged in when they sent it to me and it's been sitting in the box for weeks. I hate to just see this dress sit at my house, in the bag and never be worn.

Is anyone interested?

I would like to get $70 for it, which is what I paid. (plus $7 to cover shipping)

They still have it for sale at Ruche for $103.50

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

hi all, you will be noticing some very distinct changes coming to my blog over the next few days and weeks. it's strange in a very short period of time blogging i have started to get my footing on where i what to be and what means a lot to me and what i want to share with you all.

many things will stay the same but there will be some new things thrown in which will include..

* my glass work and features on my studio and what im currently working on
*gardening and buying local whenever possible - these things mean a lot to me and i hope you all will enjoy my weekly adventures to our local farmers market as well as my weekly, if not daily adventures of picking veggies out of my own front yard garden
*garden make over - our gardens were already something that my husband and myself infamous in my town - we are known as "the couple with the amazing gardens" this year we are going to be adding veggies to the mix of the front yard (currently they were on the side mixed in with the herb garden. i promise- you will not be disappointed if you love gardens - and garden inspiration
*home renovations - we own a Victorian built in the 1870's we have been slaving over it for many years and have probably many more years ahead of us. i am excited for this feature- i've already created floor plan layouts and you will get a first hand look at the craziness i am living in..

so with this i felt it necessary to also update the look of the site - make it feel really "me" - so you will have it - me uncensored - just what everyone wants, right?!

i hope you all are as excited as i am - again, the physical changes to the blog will be coming over the next few weeks and then the new content will be soon following..

hope everyone is having a great week..yay for it being friday tomorrow already! 

this weekend we are doing the final steps in set up for my studio - so yeah, i am super excited to start playing with glass!!!!


here are a few pictures of our front yard - these are actually from 2 years ago - the first year of this big change. the pictures i have from last year it's hard to see the walkways and such. more flowers were added last year - plus things grew in more.. yes we are insane for wanting to switch this up again - this took us FOREVER to do..

here is the entryway into the side garden - the flowering thyme is so amazing and has totally taken over - it is super soft and awesome to walk on barefoot..

then here is the side garden..another HUGE project that took us a very very long time! you cant see but it still goes on and on back there haha - there are two more rows of beds back there - one was a really long one that runs basically in front of our back yard fence that had lots of tomatoes. Our backyard had a 6 foot fence around it - i'll show pictures of it once i start getting everything together regarding my house and the renos..

just a little taste so that you realize that i really am the crazy garden lady!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Swimsuit Issue

2008 - Foreign Film - Comedy


Inspired by such pick-yourself-up Britcoms as The Full Monty and Calendar Girls, this cute comedy deftly mixes slapstick with insights on such issues as gender rivalry, homophobia, and the unfashionability of middle-aged men. Unemployed, divorced, and estranged from his daughter, Frederik (Jonas Inde) is stuck in Loserville when a botched prank gives him the idea to mold his motley buddies into Sweden's only all-male synchronized-swimming team, with the World Cup finals in Berlin as the seemingly unattainable goal.

I really liked this movie. There is no deep meaning behind it, just a fun quirky movie if you are in the mood for a laugh. a definite..

"Watch this now!"

The Philosopher Kings

Documentary - 2009
(available on streaming Netflix as well as Hulu)

In search of wisdom found in unlikely places, The Philosopher Kings takes us on a journey through the halls of the most prestigious colleges and universities in America to learn from the staff members who see it all and have been through it all: the custodians. This thought-provoking, feature-length documentary interweaves the untold stories of triumph and tragedy from the members of society who are often disregarded and ignored, and seeks out the kind of wisdom that gets you through the day and the lessons one learns from surviving hard times, lost loves, and shattered dreams.
From the producers of the multiple-award winning Flight from Death,The Philosopher Kings gives us the opportunity to learn from eight incredible individuals whom we would never have otherwise taken a moment out of our day to acknowledge.
“A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.” ~ Chinese Proverb

I watched this documentary last night and fell in love with it. It is a really deep look into the untold stories that keep our Universities clean. The people behind the scenes that many people frown upon their occupation or think that that are somehow below them in the class system because they have chosen this occupation as a career. While I sat watching there were many times I was on the verge of tears. At the same time, I almost envied some of them. The woman that works at the University of Florida - When her segment came on in the butterfly sanctuary I turned to my husband and said I would LOVE her job. It seemed so serene and stress free. It had me questioning why we do some things we do.  

There is a girl at my job - who does most of the cleaning (obviously there are more than just her - but I think they all have different areas or different responsibilities of what to clean and what to do). I have often remarked to co-workers how I would trade my job for hers in a heart beat. They all normally look at me like I am crazy and some have given me this almost disgusted look. Like why on earth would you do that. Whenever I see her I look at her and smile and she always looks down at the ground and keeps walking. The other day  -the day of the "incident at work" She was actually in the bathroom when I was and I started talking to her while we washed our hands. She actually first looked around to make sure I was talking to her and gave me a very surprised look, like "whoa- this girl is talking to me?" I carried on a full conversation as we walked down the hall together, she was so nice and sadly I think it may have been the first time (besides her direct co-workers) that anyone has actually spoken to her without wanting something cleaned or handled. She really did seem shocked that I would think about talking to her. Why? Why is that shocking?

Why have we placed people that are in these occupations as less able or even sometimes eluding that they may be less intelligent? I think they are more intelligent! How many of us would love to be on our own through out the day, having specific tasks to handle - then going home without taking our work and stress with us? This movie just really stayed with me. Maybe because I see it everyday (and I'm sure many of you, if you work in the corporate world do as well) That the cubical employees look down upon the cleaning employees as inferior. You see it at one point in the movie. One of the guys goes into a room and grabs a trash bin, empties it and the whole time the woman doesn't even turn to acknowledge him. I saw that and actually got angry. Seriously, she couldn't even say "Hello, how are you?!" Nope - not even a turn and smile. Nothing. 

I wasn't raised to treat anyone as above or below me. We are all equal and whether you or a doctor with a fancy car or a street person asking for a handout, you will get treated the same by me. 

Obviously by my rant above - I think you know I'm going to say
"Watch this now!"


I thought today I would do something a little different and provide a little smorgasbord of some Mid Century Modern Treasures found on Etsy. A fun little shopping excursion for some interesting household finds.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Terriers - TV Series

Fall 2010 - cancelled after 13 episodes

Ex-cop and recovering alcoholic Hank Dolworth (Donal Logue) partners with his best friend, former criminal Britt Pollack (Michael Raymond-James) in an unlicensed private investigation business. The series is set in Ocean BeachSan DiegoCalifornia.

I have to admit. I would see this on streaming Netflix and was curious about it but never clicked it to watch. The name is kind of strange for a television show and the picture they had for the cover, didn't really draw me in to want to watch it. But one day, when I was super bored and was having a hard time finding something to watch I brushed past it again. I thought, what the heck - if it sucks I can turn it off.

It didn't suck. In fact, it was really really good. 

The name and the marketing for this show is probably what got it cancelled. Had it had a catchy name - or just had better marketing so that you could tell what the show was about, I bet the show would still be on the air. It was really clever and well written. I love the relationship they built up for us between the characters and it always kept you wondering how it was going to all tie together.

After watching a couple episodes I looked it up online because I saw there was only 13 episodes available to watch. Just like I suspected. It was cancelled after one season. Just like all the good shows. Ended way too soon. This would be an awesome show for Netflix to pick up and produce (just like did with Lilyhammer) 

If you have streaming Netflix check it out - it is a definite "watch it now" (maybe it is still on reruns on tv as well - It was an FX show) It's also on Hulu.

wss #8

I am completely and totally in love and awe with Kiva Ford. I had seen his Etsy video over a year ago now and just look up to him in the glassblowing / flameworking world.

I am just learning the art and would have loved the opportunity to go to school for it. Unfortunately the school I would have liked to go to is out of state  - and we just can't move for me to go. 

His work is stunning. 

He is definitely a huge inspiration to me. It is just truly amazing that he is able to work with such detail when you realize how tiny these pieces are.

Stunning. No other words for his work and what he is able to create.

Free Sponsorship

Happy lazy day Sunday everyone. Today is a chilly, rainy day. Perfect for getting up to date on my blog and blog reading and then off to crochet and watch movies.

I wanted to offer again Free Sponsorship on my blog. I am starting to get a small readership base that has been growing more and more over the past month. I am now where near the top dogs in the land of blogging, but it's fun to see how many people viewed my blog each day. The first day that I hit over one hundred I yelled "MISTER!!! look it how many people!" hahah he just laughed at me. I know to many of you that may be peanuts, but to me thats a lot and I think its awesome that people are coming back daily or following my new posts.

Also, if you are into gardening you are definitely going to want to stick around. Within the next few weeks - and then all summer long will be lots of gardening photos. Farmer's Market time also starts up in about a month, so that means fresh foods and yummy recipes. We are so excited. Every Saturday is "Farmers Market day" We get up early go get our goodies - store them in our fun little vintage ice box and then go antiquing. 

So anyway!

Send me your buttons!!

veranellies (at) gmail (dot) com

125 x 125

Also if you get them to me this week - send me a little blurb and photo of yourself /blog/ shop and I will also feature you in the "Meet the sponsors" feature I am going to do next Sunday.

Come grow with me in world domination mwah-ha-ha

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bunny and the Bull

Bunny and the Bull

Stephen has agoraphobia and, in the flat he won't leave, meticulously labels and stores everything from nail clippings to urine. In long flashbacks we see a trip to the continent he took with his only friend Bunny, an outgoing, inveterate gambler. The European trip is a bit dull (Stephen wants to visit every museum imaginable) until one night in Poland they meet Eloisa, a Spanish waitress, and offer to drive her home for her city's fiesta. We can guess that the trip won't end well - because Stephen is now stuck in his flat with occasional visits from Bunny - but will anything in the reverie move Stephen to action? 

I loved this movie. It was visually striking and really interesting how they mixed them in with claymation and paper backdrops. I want to get lost in Stephen's apartment and go through all of his organized chaos. 

I say watch this now! I actually want to watch it again!


Rating Scale

 I created a rating scale for the movies and programming that I watch.

I will format each movie I'm reviewing and give it a 1-3 rating. I'm pretty excited to get started. I actually have a huge list of movies we've been watching that I really need to get going on. So over the next couple weeks I may end up posting multiple reviews in a day. Then I will just try and keep up with it going forward.

Hope you all enjoy this little feature and will look forward to my reviews!

feeling a tad numb..

I started the weekend excited to try and accomplish a huge laundry list of errands, projects and adventures.. instead I feel halted in my tracks and now I have this devastated, numb feeling.
I started my morning at 5:30am. The girls get up and well, once they are up and jumping all around it's impossible for me to get back to sleep. I decided to start my OT for work right away so I could get it out of the way then move into the fun stuff. Well, besides doing my taxes..which is where the devastation lies..

I'm not going to turn this into a "pity me" post. I just feel completely - well annoyed! This is the first year ever that we owe in. I thought we would be totally good to go because of me having still having been in school part time last year. I was expecting a certain amount, which is the usual amount we roughly get each year. I mean, I had basically banked on having "x" amount to put away because we have a few pretty big projects we had to get done this year. But now instead. I have to use the bonus I just got from work to pay taxes! How did this happen? So I'm kind of double-down and at a basic wash seeing that the bonus was going to be allocated to go toward the home projects as well. But now the bonus will pay the taxes.

Sorry, this may be taboo to talk about. I'm just upset and well, just have no idea what we are going to do now. So I feel I have the right to say this sucks! So yup, sucky-suck. 

Hope everyone is having a better Saturday than I am! But I'm going to move into my fun projects in the hopes it raises my spirits.

Friday, March 23, 2012


My husband found this great inspiration for our kitchen when we get to renovating it. We both don't like the traditional kitchen. You know cabinets and cookie cutter, "this is what a kitchen is supposed to look like".  This is what we want. We actually aren't even going to have a fridge either. We are going to have a small pantry that will house a small fridge and all of our dry foods. I think it will be amazing. I only wish this could be my kitchen. It is so spectacular in every little detail.

Speaking of non traditional. I also really liked this. I am picturing all the fun things those bins could hold.

Some day I want to travel so much that all you see are push pins. How amazing this map would look pretty boring right now if I did this though. I remember having done this when I was in high school and it looked pretty sad.

I wasn't sure if I was going to share this yet, but hey why not. We are renovating a Victorian. (haha that's not the secret) this spring we need to fix the roof and exterior of the home (along with everything else!) So we talked about colors and talked about what will be best. Should we be doing the 10 million different colors that every Victorian has. Neither of us really like how that looks. A couple colors at most. Then we just said.. what about a black house? A totally black house. Our house has these fabulous golden brick arches. We will keep those and not paint the bricks...but the rest of the house -  completely black. Today I found this..I think I found our door color...

I feel a little overwhelmed for this coming weekend and everything I need to complete. 
  • work 4 hours of OT tomorrow morning
  • give Lola a haircut and bath
  • work on and hopefully complete a baby blanket that I sold today from my shop
  • do TAXES!! i keep putting it off. i don't know why. i'm usually such a nerd and have these done by now UGH! first year ever that I owe in! I was counting on money back to help with our house projects - now i actually have to take money away from my bonus from work to pay for this crap. CRAPOLA. i guess that is why i was putting off not doing them!
  • set up my studio - i need to go get my hoses to hook up my torch, then set everything up -which will mean drilling out a hole in the floor or wall to the propane tank that needs to stay outside the studio
  • work on cleaning and clearing the front yard and side garden to get it prepped for planting soon
  • clean the house
  • work on the blog- i need to make some buttons to give out to a couple new blogging friends
  • work on my "what i watch" segment
okay - i've probably missed some things but this is all i could think of off the top of my head. lots to do in 2 short days! wish me luck - i'll probably come back and cross things off as i complete them just so i can keep track of what needs to still be done! haha

have a great weekend everyone!

what the..hunger games?

Okay..I have to admit. I may be a little bit of a movie snob. K and I normally only watch foreign, independent or documentaries. (Don't judge me!) We just don't like all the Hollywood crapfest that they are currently (or well probably within the last 20 years!) putting out. That's not to say there isn't one or two gems in the otherwise pile of crap they dish out each year. But, come on, seriously, you can ALWAYS figure out American "Hollywood" movies within 5 minutes of the opening credits. It's all about who is acting in them and either how much nakidness they show off or how many things they can blow up. Very sad state we are in currently. My other favorite (please note sarcasm). Hollywood "remaking" foreign films. Ummm, hello? If you want to see the film - READ subtitles and watch the originals. (okay, I'm coming of the soapbox now, maybe)

So anyway! 

I've been hearing about Hunger Games (just the title) for a couple weeks. You have to understand. I have not had cable for over two years. We don't even get the "basic" channels coming into the house. We solely watch Netflix streaming or dvds. That being said - I pretty much live in a bubble. I don't search out "entertainment news" and all that is going on in that regard. So yeah, back to this Hunger Games stuff. So I saw people posting about it a couple weeks ago. Just that people were excited to see it. Well, to be honest. I actually thought it was going to be some new reality show about eating (don't laugh at me, I know you are laughing at me!) I really did think it was going to be about like pie eating contests or that I might have actually watched had I had cable!

Imagine my surprise when I finally took the time to look it up the other day and see it was a new movie coming out. And not just a new movie - but it has NOTHING to do with competitive eating. What?! No blueberry pie smeared on the faces of contestants vying for a monetary prize?? I felt ripped off.  

So I sat there, my face in its "what the.." contortion, while watching the preview. I don't get it. It looks horrible. I couldn't even finish watching the preview because I grew so bored of it. It looks like every other big budget action flick. What am I missing? Am I really this much of a movie snob? 

I have probably created enemies writing this post. But it's just my opinion. Take it or leave it, I don't judge you if you want to watch this stuff. I just won't be watching it anytime in the near future..or well..ever..that doesn't mean we still can't be friends. I just won't go see a movie with you (haha)

So that brings me to the "what I watch" portion of my blog which I have sorely been forgetting to update. This weekend I am going to do an entire overhaul of it. I think it will be fun to rate movies on my own scale. Again, we may have completely different tastes in movies. So take the ratings for what they are worth to you. I'll come up with some 1-5 fun scale. You'll see it will be fun. Plus hey, it may open your eyes to movies you may have never thought about watching. Be warned though. Most will be wack-a-do movies you may have never heard of. But trust me, those are the movies you are missing out on. The hidden gems that go unnoticed are usually far superior, well, in my opinion anyway.

You think I may be biased because I used to be a film major? haha NO, I am not "that film major" that used to quote every random foreign movie I've ever watched. And I don't make comments about this and that director. No, no, no. I watch a movie- I base on it ..well the movie. Not who's in it, not who directed it..just plain and simple - the movie.

Here's to "what I watch" and the hopes that I open some new doors for everyone currently reading.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

blanket update and work craziness

   First -  a little bit about some work craziness. this incident completely and totally screwed with my day yesterday. Yes I was in the building and I was one of the workers that remained quarantined past my normal work schedule. I don't really want to say what I truly feel about the incident and how it was handled. I guess I should say "no comment" and those of you that know me well enough know the expression on my face right now! haha But it's over. No one was hurt, nothing happened. But really? Someone really has nothing better to do with their time then send random things to big corporations? 

So anyway..moving on with life!

I have been working away on my human sized blanket. It's just about half way done and it's really exciting.

I haven't decided if I am going to keep it for myself or put it up in my shop..

Time to go relax, watch Ugly Betty on Netflix and crochet for the rest of the night. I need to update my "what I watch" I've been slacking and have a lot of documentaries - good and very very bad to add on there haha. I think I am going to come up with a funny rating system. Maybe I'll work on it this weekend.

How is it Friday tomorrow already?! (I am not complaining, just curious where the week went!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

We had a very unseasonably weird winter. It actually felt like we skipped winter and went straight to spring. We have been having "open door" policy for the girls to run in and out of the house as they please..the chirpy birds have been making lots of noise every day..buds are forming on all the trees..won't be long for the flowers to start blooming..which means you all will get to see lots and lots of garden pictures once we begin our clean out and transformation..but what I am most looking forward to...

a magnolia tree. I have wanted one and daydreamed about having one in my yard for years .. we very sadly have to have a tree cut down that died this past year, and in its place.. a magnolia tree will take root.

Here's to a very happy and eventful Spring!

Monday, March 19, 2012

mcm# 7

Daydreaming about the perfect Mid Century Modern Couch..

Here are some of my favorites..

Happy Monday Everyone!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

shop update

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was so gorgeous out this weekend here in Upstate NY. We have been enjoying having the kitchen door open and did some yard work in the back yard to start getting it ready for spring/summer. The girls have also been loving the "open door" policy that goes along with nice days.

I didn't even realize that Ella was in the background being a very bad little girl, digging a hole, until I looked at the picture on instagram! Such a little snot!

Here is Lola helping her daddy install the last few steps leading into the house. All these stones were found buried in our backyard! Yes, BURIED all around. We would be digging planting trees and find these stones. We actually found another HUGE one yesterday. We just installed the back door last year. Before we used to have to get into the backyard through a door that leads to our basement, then lead into K's shop, then you would go outside. When he decided to convert it into his shop. He blocked off the door - took out the landing and installed a dutch door in our kitchen. So last summer we had lots of dirt delivered to build this gradual mound to get up to floor level. I can't wait to get it all planted this summer. It's going to be so nice to have it all landscaped.


I don't have a huge shop update. Just a couple things.

Off to go figure out dinner and do some laundry. I can't believe it's already Sunday evening.


wss #7

I am absolutely in love with Matte Stephens art. Some days I just look at his Etsy shop and wish I had unlimited extra income to buy all his prints.

Here are a few of my favorites, but I honestly could probably post his entire shop!

You can be sure that once my house is to the decorating stage - some of these prints will definitely be gracing my walls.

Go check him out!