Friday, November 15, 2013

fff vol 90

Favorite finds from the past week:

Etsy find of the week:

Starting to get into the Christmas mood. There has already been a few mornings with dustings of snow here in NY. I don't want to jinx us but I have a feeling we may finally have a snowy winter this year..

Please can I move in?

There is something awesome, yet creepy about this little house in the middle of no where..

Get in my belly!

One treat I've always wanted to try making was macarons, I need to cross that off my list of treats made this year.

Tee shirt  Outfit of the week:

I'm in love with this fancy outfit.

So this past week was pretty eventful. In both good and bad ways. The good - long overdue promotion at work! Woo hoo! The bad - our furnace died the same day. 

We had to order a part online for the furnace - luckily the weather has taken a turn for the better these next few days so it shouldn't dip below 30 at night and my parent's friend let us borrow this awesome portable heater that works really well. Believe me, its still cold in the house but its doable until the part comes in. Crazy week!

I'm just getting ready for a upcoming craft show at the end of the month. So lots of soap making and crocheting wash cloths in my future..

What has everyone else been up to? Have a great weekend.