Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bad word: Aluminum Chlorohydrate

Aluminum Chlorohydrate

Hazard Score: (EWG Risk Score)

Hazard score key:

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What is it?
Antiperspirant Agent; Cosmetic Astringent; Deodorant Agent

Where is it found?
It is used in deodorants and antiperspirants and as a coagulant in water purification.

The Risk:
By temporarily plugging the sweat ducts, they stop sweat coming to the skin's surface. A 2005 British study, published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, found that aluminum-based compounds may be absorbed by the skin and cause estrogen-like effects. Because estrogen has the ability to promote breast cancer cells, some scientists have suggested that the aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants may contribute to the development of breast cancer. A 2003 study in the European Journal of Cancer found that women who used antiperspirants or deodorants and who shaved their underarms at an earlier age were at greater risk for breast cancer than women who started later.

There have also been studies conducted that have advised usage is linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease.

A couple "natural" companies using this ingredient:
  • Tom's of Maine
  • Naturally Fresh
  • Jason
  • many small "all natural",  "Eco-friendly" toting companies on Etsy
My Opinion:
Aluminum chlorohydrate also goes by a few other names:

  • Aluminium hydroxychloride
  • Aluminium chlorhydroxide
  • Aluminium chloride basic
  • Aluminium chlorohydrol
  • Polyaluminium chloride

The other scary factor here is that some all natural companies sell crystal deodorants and advise they are aluminum free. but this is false. Deodorant stones are made up of aluminums, simple fact. So while they may be a little better to use than a traditional anti-perspirant, it's not aluminum-free and it still poses a possible Alzheimer's risk and breast cancer risk and it contributes to toxicy in the body.

I am happy to let you all know that my all natural, 100% chemical free deodorants will be hitting the shelves very, very soon!