Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bad Word: Cocamide DEA

Cocamide DEA also known as cocamide diethanolamine

Hazard Score: (EWG Risk Score)

Hazard score key:

Low hazardModerate hazardHigh hazard
What is it?
Surfactant, Foam booster, Emulsifyier

It is a chemically modified form of coconut oil, used as a foaming agent.

Where is it found?
It is used in shampoos, liquid hand soap, bubble bath, shavin cream, hair color and bleaching, hair relaxer, shampoo plus conditioner, lip balm, laundry detergent, soap, car cleaner!, hand wipes (the list keeps going)

The Risk:
Plan and simple - it has been found to cause cancer. This chemical also causes skin and organ toxicity. 

A few companies using this ingredient:
  • LUSH
  • KMS
  • John Freeda
  • The Body Shop
  • American Crew
  • Organics by Africas Best
  • Rusk
  • Organix
  • Paul Mitchell
  • At One with Nature
  • MANY ETSY "Eco-Friendly" companies
My Opinion:
What is wrong with people? I am deeply offended and sickened by these companies that think because is engineered coconut oil, that they think it's organic? all natural? eco-friendly?

Companies saying things like "coconut derived". That makes it ok to use, and magically it becomes eco-friendly?

There are some days I just want to scream at the ignorance of these companies and their manipulating, word twisting ways to gain sales. I was mortified to find out just how many companies, even companies stating they are organic, that are using this chemical and passing it off as natural.

Mind bloggling!

As always, my moto - read the ingredients before buying anything that is going to be used on your person! Don't just think that because they say words like "vegan" "all natural" or "eco-friendly" that they are any of these things!