Thursday, December 19, 2013

an unexpected hiatus..

It feels like forever since I have shared anything personal on this blog. It was going to be a short mini break so that I could have time to get ready for a weekend long craft show and then turned into almost a two month radio silence. I didn't mean it to happen, but it just did. Time got away from me.

Every day was spent working, then immediately working on either making soaps, lip balms, crocheting wash cloths, printing labels, making new designs etc etc etc. It was a much needed break from the computer but also a very busy time. I definitely over prepared for a show that turned into a dud. You never know how shows are going to go until you do them, but I had pretty high expectations for how it was supposed to went nothing like I had expected.

The crowd was much smaller, I was sharing a booth and the first day barely anyone stepped foot inside our little area. It was very upsetting. My friend and I couldn't figure out what was happening because we both felt we had great items (of course!). Day one came to a close and it was financially very upsetting.

Day two came and the vendor that was supposed to set up behind us didn't show to set up so we asked if one of us could move into the empty spot - and were granted the move. Day two went so much better, more people looked and bought my goodies. I am convinced that day one's slowness had a lot to do with how we had to lay out our goods because of sharing a space. Live and learn. Not convinced if I will do the show again, but at least I made my vendor spot money back and a little extra. I am excited to announce that I have enough money saved up that I will be able to begin offering my deodorants in the next couple months. I'm in the design stage for my labels. I'm so excited to get these out and for sale. a long hiatus turned even longer due to me being sick for now almost 2 weeks. I joked that I have the plague but seriously, this sickness is just hanging on and not giving up. I am much better than I was last week but still rarely on the computer. 

I think my problem was that I have been away now for a few months..what do I share? A lot has happened, yet not much to really address. I got to a point where I felt I didn't really have anything to say or share even if I had the time to sit and type. Do any of you go through these periods? I haven't even read other blogs in weeks. Some days I feel like I am on the computer all day for work, the last thing I want to do is get on it again when I finish working. I've just been making presents for Christmas and hanging out at home, nothing too exciting.

We are going to begin the renovations inside - you remember the room we gutted last year with crazy plans and ideas..then Kevin left his job and the gutted room sat. Over the next month that room will begin to be worked on and then hopefully the renovations will move upstairs. This next year is the year we get the majority of this house done. I am determined to have it happen! So I'm hoping that there will be weekly updates to share.

Not too much else is going on. I will be having an "after Christmas sale" in my shop - so keep your eyes peeled for a discount code after Christmas to get some goodies you may have on your list of wants to spend your Christmas money on!

I hope everyone is doing well and that you all have stuck around in my mini hiatus. Winter is slow around these parts - not much to really share but I will try my best to not go into a two month hermit period again. 

What has everyone been up to? Any exciting news or holiday plans to share? Hope all is well with everyone..