Monday, February 03, 2014

dreaming of travel..

Growing up, our family always took vacations every year. Usually more than one. But they always seemed to be to the same places - 

Toronto, Canada; I have been to this city countless times growing up as it was roughly a 6 hour car ride away and my parents really loved the city. At one point I recall even my parents talking about moving there. The city was very safe and my parents would let us wander, sometimes by ourselves. 

Then we would do the Disney World and also Disney Land vacations in the mix. There were many other vacations - The Carolinas and New England were favorites for our parents to take us to too. As I got older I craved to go on bigger vacations, but my mom was/is afraid to fly (getting her to California was never an easy feat). I wanted to see the world and have big dreams of adventures.

One of my biggest regrets was passing up a 3 week long trip to Ireland with my grandmother and sister. My grandmother used to go every year to visit family and friends. When she asked us to go with her, I put my boyfriend at the time ahead of a trip of a lifetime. (we actually broke up during that 3 week time too! boys!) I had told my grandmother I would go with her the following year but she fell ill and that was her last trip to Ireland. 

I have begun saving up for travels. The mister and I (when we have been on vacations) usually tend to go up to the rocky beaches of Maine. But I've set my goals higher. 

Check out this article with 52 places to go in 2014. While my savings is piddly at this time, I intend to visit a great deal of these places in my lifetime. 

Are there any specific places you have you heart set on to visit? The first place on my list will be Donaghadee, Ireland.