Wednesday, February 05, 2014

wiw vol 48 Cockneys vs Zombies

2012 - 1 hour 28 minutes
Streaming Netflix


This British movie is about a group of inept criminals who decide to rob a bank so they can save their grandfather's retirement home from being demolished by developers. Meanwhile on another building site some workers dig up an old graveyard and they get bitten by the "undead" which sets off a chain reaction. Then the bank robbers are cornered by the police while in the process of the robbery, but when they exit they find that they are all dead as a result of the horde of zombies. They have to get to the retirement home before the zombies do!

It's not all docmentaries and asian slasher flicks that we watch in this house. This movie is hilarious. Lots of great little one liners. If you are in the mood for a silly blood and guts movie in the line of Shaun of the Dead - check this movie out.