Friday, February 07, 2014

fff vol 102

Favorite finds from the past week:

Etsy find of the week:

LOVE this shop

Please can I move in?

Very interesting house!

Get in my belly!

Yes please. And with blueberries.

Quote of the week:

Ah, Henry Rollins. My husband.

Been a long dreadful week. So happy for it to be friday and to have two days off from work. You ever have those weeks where it just feels like every day at work is a complete and utter bummer (to put it nicely). People being miserable and mean. Which then affects your day. I try not to allow it to, but day after day 5 days in a row of nothing but "mean" tends to wear on a person and they have a hard time bouncing back.

So this weekend - Farmer's Market! Woo hoo, so excited because the market was closed for the month of January. Looking forward to getting lots of good food and seeing friends.

Then the rest of the weekend will be spent concocting up so new organic goodness for the shop. Really excited for new recipes and new ideas.

Whats on everyone elses agendas? We got a dump load of snow on Wednesday, over a foot - so it's back to winter wonderland here in NY. But thats okay by me, I like having an excuse to stay at home and watch random Netflix shows.