Wednesday, April 02, 2014

wiw vol 55 Chefs A Field

Amazon Prime 
PBS culinary show

Chefs A’ Field is an American documentary cooking series broadcast on PBS that focuses on the personal stories of farmers, fishermen, foragers and chefs, offering viewers a new way of looking at their food, environment, and community (strong focus on sustainability).
Each episode of Chefs A’ Field starts with a well-known restaurant, travels to the field and returns to the kitchen, where the ingredients are transformed into dishes on the menus of America’s finest restaurants. The audience views the chefs' interactactions with farmers and fishermen.

We found this program on Amazon prime and have been watching an episode or two each night. I love watching the chefs go to the farms and the interactions between chef and farmer. I wish more chefs and restaurants adopted this profile of getting all their ingredients locally.

We only have a few restaurants that do that near where I'm located and we went to one on Saturday night. It was the best dinner I have had out in a very long time, it was amazing.  Ahhhh..I'm still thinking about it.

Shop local, eat local!