Wednesday, April 09, 2014

wiw vol 56 - The Greenhorns

Documentary - 2010 - 40 minutes
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Armed with a camcorder, farmer-filmmaker-activist Severine von Tscharner Fleming spent two years crisscrossing America, meeting and mobilizing a network of revolutionary young farmers resettling the land. 'The Greenhorns' is an ode to their grit and entrepreneurial spirit, an exploration of sustainable agriculture, and an enticement to reclaim our national soil. The ninety minute feature is the culmination of well over 200 hours of original footage from all regions of the United States, as well as original animation by young urban farmer and artist Brooke Budner, and rare agricultural archival footage from the Prelinger Archives. Ultimately, The Greenhorns shows us how farmers can move out of the margins recent history has consigned them to, and back to the heart of the American food landscape.

This movie, like many other like it, make me want to say goodbye to my desk job and get out in the dirt. I always have grand ideas of how I'd like to have lots of land and start my own small veggie and fruit farm. You never know, someday... But until that time, I will continue to support all our local farmers and friends we have made through the farmer's markets and make our front yard veggie gardens bigger and better every year. 

Buy local!