Monday, August 05, 2013

Market Mondays

Lots of goodies this week.. carrots, eggs, onions, peaches, corn, tomatoes, greens, bratwurst, cheese (from the nice cheese lady - not the meany butt baret wearin cheese lady), honey and strawberry rhubarb jam. (we still have a mega freezer full of meats from Kevin working on the farm)

Yes, there is a story (quite a few actually) about a mean cheese lady. But I'll be nice and not go into details.

The weekend was also spent coming up with some new soap ideas for the fall. Designing a logo and making individual peach pies. Holy mother! Are they amazing. Stop back tomorrow for the recipe and mouth drooling photos!

And just so you know..I'm popping up all over the internets.

You can stop by here to get in on the action of winning my Son of a Bee balm and you can swing by here to read a awesome write up about my soaps and grab a discount code that is good until the end of August.

It's a VERY short week for me this week. Only working on Monday and Tuesday and then I have the rest of the week off. We are also going to be starting another farmer's market this week! Every Thursday we (well the mister) will be the Clinton, NY farmer's market from 10-4. So exciting!!

Happy Monday all!