Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend market and Roller Derby Madness

The haul: Green beans, butter, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, orange pepper, potatoes, onion, jam, eggs, corn on the cob, gouda cheese, bratwurst, minute steaks, pork chops, hamburg. Gonna be a yummy week!

Roller Derby was a success!

While we didn't win. Our first bout is behind us and we are all feeling great and more confident for the next one. Hoping to maybe get one more in during the fall, if not it will be in the spring. 

Lots of fun, but a real long day. Was at the market all morning, early afternoon then came home for about an hour and back out the door to the bout and there throughout the night. Hoping the next bout isn't on a day I have market! 

How was everyone's weekends? I have to get caught up with my shop and making lots of soaps. Our markets have been great on sales so I'm way behind on getting more inventory. Time to focus more on me and the shop again. Derby on the back burner!

Sorry for the mini leave of absence!