Monday, December 24, 2012

market mondays..

I realized that I never shared with you all my market experience a couple weeks ago when I was a vendor at the Farmer's Market. It was a warm day and everyone was out to the market. I wasn't in the best of spirits due to some personal downturns that happened the day prior, but I bundled up all my goods and headed out.

When I arrived I found my little table - a 3x3 rickety card table. We made the best of the teeny space and created a cute display with what we had. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my phone so I don't have any pictures of the day. 

The market started with a bang, it was busy from start to finish. I sold lots of goodies and everyone had great comments about my packaging and products. I even had a woman inquire if I had any interest in selling in a gift shop at the Mansion House, she is the executive director of the building. In two hours I made two hundred dollars. Not bad seeing my price points are low! Can you imagine if I could do that every day?! I'd be done with my current day job in a jiffy. It gave me high hopes for when I participate weekly in the spring/summer/fall market. Things are looking up for my little soap shop.

I'll post updates soon as I've created a few new scents that I'm sure will become top sellers- they are amazing!! Just still curing and not ready for sale yet.

We shopped at the market this weekend, but its on hiatus until February 9th. We tried to stock up on meats - but I'm sure we'll run out and have to get in touch with some farmers personally. I love this aspect of my life, supporting and eating the good stuff =)