Sunday, April 01, 2012

new frames..

I have always had an obsession with vintage frames. The majority of my eye glass collection is actually still packed away in my attic because I simply don't have anywhere to display them until some more renovations are completed.

In college and for many years following I would have my optometrist put my new prescription into vintage cat eyes. Since moving back to Central NY, my eye doctor has refused to do this. Always saying that they could break and they don't want to be held responsible. So for the past maybe 7 years I have been wearing boring, over the counter glasses. I have wanted new frames for over two years.. but well my indecisiveness gets in the way and I still haven't picked a pair out. Warby Parker probably hates me because for two years they have been sending me free try-on-at-home frames only for me to ship them right back without placing an order.

I have found a few pairs I liked, and was actually ready to take the plunge. I even got as far as placing them in the shopping cart. I was rudely halted when they advised they needed my dr to sign off on the RX. Something you may not know is that an eye prescription is no longer valid after two years. My last eye exam was three years ago - so yeah. That stopped that process right there.

So... I have decided to bite the bullet, go get a new eye exam so I can get some new specs. But I decided that I want to go back to my vintage cat eye roots. So I am looking for a place that will put lenses in old frames for me. 

I have been eyeing (no pun intended) a few frames on Etsy that I have fallen in love with..

Frame 1: 


Frame 2:

Frame 3:

Frame 4:

They are all fairly similar but have very distinct characters. I used to wear aluminum ones with carvings - but I really think (personally) that I look best in tortoise shell. 

Any suggestions?