Monday, January 16, 2012

35 before 36

I love making lists - I have random pieces of paper all over my house with partial lists on them. So I've decided to take part in the blank before blank list. Somehow I have turned 35 years old. I'm really not sure that happened. But every year around my birthday I get extremely depressed and say the cliche "But I wasn't supposed to be doing this with my life." " Where has the time gone." or insert whatever other depressing statement you can insert about not fulfilling your aspirations you set for yourself that year.

Toward the end of this past year, I had a "moment". I seriously had a breakdown - streaming tears, hyperventilating..the works.. and it was over my job, and my life and where I was and who I have become - you know just everything. At that moment I decided to take charge. While there are days I still want to jump out the window while I'm working, when I have those moments I think about the things I want to do and put my crap corporate America job into perspective - it's JUST a job. Right now it's paying our insurance, paying bills, putting food on the table and is building up my 401K. It's a means to an end. But I have vowed to not let it take over my life and happiness and have set a plan in action to get my life on track and moving toward where I want it to go. I can't keep waiting. In 6 months I'm going to be 36! (again, HOW did that happen?!) so no time to spare- moving on... my 35 to do before 36. (some I've already completed)

  1. Create a blog about my daily musings
  2. Complete the building of my glass studio
  3. Begin working on my glass work and turn it into a business
  4. Reteach myself how to crochet
  5. Have an EVERY THING homemade Christmas for 2012
  6. Go thrifting at least once a month
  7. Work toward my goal of opening a brick and mortar vintage, handmade and sweets shop. Step one, start selling on Etsy.
  8. Finish school
  9. Bake homemade treats for my mister once a week
  10. Learn to cook
  11. Revamp my wardrobe from super casual pants and jeans every day to super cute skirts and dresses  (I'm getting there!)
  12. Get new glasses
  13. Adopt a miniature wiener dog
  14. Sew a quilt
  15. Crochet a blanket
  16. Create "date day" and go on adventures with my mister at least once a month
  17. Finally get the nerve up to get my sparrow tattoos on my chest
  18. In the spring begin riding our bikes together around town
  19. Take the girls (ie. my 3 puppies) on more adventures
  20. Start going to the farmer's market again once it opens up in May
  21. transform our front flower gardens and integrate veggies into the front yard
  22. Finish sheetrocking the upstairs bedrooms and turn the one bedroom into our closet
  23. Work out at least 3 times a week
  24. Donate all the clothes I have bagged up to the church
  25. Clean the "dinning room" and make the space we live in "not embarrassing" for people to come over (a tough one until we are able to get things moved due to gutting/renovations)
  26. Have weekend cookouts EVERY weekend, all summer
  27. Continue working on paying off credit cards
  28. Get a camera and begin taking more pictures  (thank you mister for my awesome Christmas present!)
  29. Sew a dress
  30. become an optimist
  31. do not let my day job rule my life
  32. continue to grow my pyrex and lunchbox collections
  33. go antiquing at least once a month with mister
  34. play scrabble
  35. ride a motorcycle