Sunday, January 15, 2012

sunday at zero..

Holy mother is it cold outside today! You would think that all my years of living in upstate NY that I would be used to the brutal cold. I think today will be the perfect day for some projects and some baking. I think whoopie pies and some sort of blueberry buckle will be on the baking menu.

I just started crocheting again. I had taught myself how to crochet a few years ago and began a granny square blanket - I think I have roughly 40 mini squares completed and then I started up school again and it just got set aside for almost 2 years. I just finished school so now seem to have lots of "me" time, which is awesome. So I decided to pick up crocheting again. I just went to the store and picked up some super chunky yarn and am going to crochet a blanket for my niece that turns one at the end of this month. Today seems like the perfect day to start that project.

I also need to take some time and code and get this blog looking like I want it to.. so many projects that I want to complete. Happy Sunday everyone!