Sunday, January 29, 2012

a completed cowl..

katrina's cowl - complete. 

it was a pretty interesting pattern that i got off ravelry. i don't know if i would make it again or not but it was an interesting project. the knit ends up looking like a basketweave. it just seemed to take me forever because it was over 200 stitches per row and something like 37 rows? i'm a slow crocheter, i'm just starting and learning - so it definitely wasn't a fast knit. but the stitches were easy, nothing complicated.

i used vanna's choice in barley, it has flecks of black and cream within it. so we'll see how my sister likes it.

birthday dinner is tonight and my parents house.

alright- i have a crazy day ahead. i have to complete another cowl that i promised my friend i would give her tomorrow at work! i should be able to get it done!