Saturday, January 21, 2012

daily stress and daydreams

It's been a pretty crazy and stressful week. Anytime I go back to working "the day job" there is stress involved. I am really trying to not let the stresses of working for corporate America and the nonsense I deal with on a daily basis be brought into my personal life. But some days - I just can't help it and am moody and vent to mister about the crappiness of it all. When ever I get down about it, I just think that I AM making positive steps toward getting both my businesses off the ground. It is my goal to have my glass studio up and running and possibly doing some craft shows later this year (may be pushing it, but I'm optimistic) and my second shop for vintage and handmade, up within the next two months. I am on the lookout and have already started collecting inventory. I am also thinking that I will be the main source of "handmade" as well. Selling crocheted items- blankets, cowls, beanies and pillows. I'm thinking up patterns and searching books and the web because I would like to have them have a vintage feel. More updates on that soon.

A glimpse at my studio we built in the back yard.. soon..yes soon.. I will be spending most of my free, waking hours inside...

Happy Saturday everyone!