Monday, January 30, 2012

a flip flopping monday

I'm joining you all from the comforts of my "9-5" today. I'm working a special assignment in which there is quite a bit of down time through out my day, not a happy assignment I'm on, but the free time does make it worth it (a smidgen) I finished Andrea's cowl and gave it to her this morning. I'll post pictures of it completed when I get home tonight, hopefully I got at least one good picture of it. I finished it late last night (no good light) and then this morning we were having a blizzard and it was still dark and dreary out. I was really happy how it turned out though, she started showing other girls at work and they seemed interested too. So I guess I need to get crocheting and get them up in my shop. I'm a bit nervous as to how to price them out. I've priced them out and know the general ballpark for what they are going for - but I usually undervalue myself and what I make! I need to work on that.

Veranellies shop update; I have started acquiring a small inventory of vintage and some really awesome mid-century modern pieces that I would love to keep for myself! I will be opening the shop this week with my finds and my crocheting. My brother also wants me to sell some of his pottery but I think he should be selling his photography and open his own Etsy shop selling both - check out his site HERE. He's still in school right now but has taken some amazing photography.

I've also going through some visual blog changes. One thing you will learn very quickly about me is I am one of the most indecisive people you will ever meet. I spent quite a bit of time figuring out my blog and arranging it but I'm not 100% sure if I liked it or not. I'm testing out plain white to see how I like that better. I've always been more of a minimalist, so white is probably more fitting for me. I'll probably be working around over the next week changing it up more. Knowing me, starting back from scratch - but at least I've learned some coding and it shouldn't take long for me to switch it up and finally make it feel like "home". So, this is a warning -don't be shocked if you come on daily/weekly and the place looks different each day! Hey, send me a comment and let me know what you like best too. But I'm thinking white with pops of color is more fitting for me. I need to take my house/interior aesthetic and bring it to my blog. That will make it more me.

And now moving on to exciting technology news- I crawled out from underneith my hermit rock and bought an iphone this weekend. I have never neccessarily had anything against iphones, per say, but I never understood all the hoopla and it just seemed like everyone had an iphone. I used crappy phones without a dataplan, no texting etc. K has an android phone and loves his phone, always playing on it and it's come in handy - especially when we go antiquing. Over the past few months I've been thinking maybe I'll join the rest of the tech world and get a phone at least with texting. of course, I went online and found a phone case prior to me picking out a phone! So my phone purchase was based on the fact that I wanted a specific phone case. Yes, I make sound decisions based off of random logic. I like THIS case - so I must like THIS phone. Sounds about right. (and of course now that I have the phone I'm second guessing my case choice and still have not ordered it - please help me! I wish there was a "decision making" pill I could take)

Sooooo long story short (I tend to ramble)- my contract was eligible for renewing - I went thinking I was going to get the older 4- but mister told me to just spend the little bit extra and get the 4s. I now have a shiny new white iphone 4s. I'm very slowly easing into iphone life and texting. My brother told me the end must be near if I now have an iphone - I responded that it IS 2012, the year of chaos, destruction and our forcasted demise. I minds well go out texting that the fire ball is coming straight at me, right?

Alright - enough rambles for today. I'm off to write up a pattern for some blankets I'm going to start selling soon in the shop. Lots of exciting things going on.

Happy Monday to everyone. xo