Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mikayla's blanket take one

I was doing some searching for some chunky baby blankets I may be able to whip up and was noticing the sizes seemed insanely small. One I found was actually 15" x18". What is that for a Barbie?! So more research said that a child's blanket should be 42"x48" and  a"lapghan" is 36"x48". I decided to do the 36 x (something) we'll see how I like it when I get it to be a square. Seeing as though: 1. I just started crocheting again (and I was never a master to begin with) and 2. I'm using an ex-large hook (an N) that I'm not used to using, it may take me a while to get this project completed. I like having a deadline though. It will force me to work on it even when I may want to be working on other things..

Deadline: January 30th
Size: 36" x 48"(we'll see! I think this is going to use a lot more yarn than I budgeted for!)

Total so far completed: One row! Oh crocheting masters instill speed into my little hands!

If anyone wants to crochet along - It's a simple/basic blanket.

I cast on enough chains to get the width to be 36" plus an additional 3 chains. - The rest is just a basic double crochet. I'm trying to decide (I guess it depends on time) if I am going to weave a light pink ribbon through the bottom, or if I may try crocheting a flower to attach.

Crocheting calls - though I will be taking a whoopie pie baking break shortly..