Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mikayla's blanket take two..

Earlier in the week I had started my project of crocheting a baby/child blanket for my niece Mikayla who will be turning 1 on the 29th. I just "winged" it, not using a pattern and started crocheting a basic dc. I had intended it to be 36" wide, and somehow it turned into 44" wide! I don't know where the extra 8 inches came from! But I thought, oh well - she will just now be able to use it longer and have it for her bed when she gets into a miniature human bed. Well 4 skeins went real quick - I went to the store to restash and the color, which stated was the same color most certainly was not. It was definitely not as silky looking and just didn't match. So, my only other option - take it all out and start over! So thats what I did.

It's now 24" X 28". I love how it came out. I'm thinking about running a cute ribbon through one of the bottom stitches just to add something to it. But this is a blanket I'm thinking about making some up and putting them in my shop. I think they would make great blankets for a crib or in a stroller. I may make them a tad smaller. Any thoughts on sizes that new moms would want?