Tuesday, March 19, 2013

tasty treats Tuesdays.. Lola edition

You may be looking at this thinking, "What the heck did she make this weekend?" Well I shall tell you. It's not for my belly, it's for Lola's.

While the first couple weeks of finding out about Lola and her cancer diagnosis we were very depressed and  so sad for the news, now we have changed gears and on a mission to beat this nasty thing. As you know, Lola (our scottie) was diagnosed with Lymphoma now almost 3 weeks ago. 

Last week she went in for her two week checkup and when we took her, we actually didn't think she would be coming home with us... I was balling the majority of the day and so upset because her health had failed so quickly. Her breathing had decreased and she was having an extremely difficult time with each breath. We didn't want her to suffer and were very close to saying that this may be it.

But our vet thought differently. He said he was very impressed with how much her lymph nodes had shrunk. Every lymph node had been extremely swollen just two weeks prior, now they have shrunk and some have actually even gone down completely. Up to that point in time we had only put her on steroid pills once a day for 7 days, then it had gone to once every other day for the 2nd week. 

It was at this visit that our vet explained that there was another patient that had been been in just as bad, if not worse shape, and was placed on a holistic treatment and is still alive, thriving, and in remission. He said he would put us in touch with the owner and said, for us to try anything and everything.

I went home that night and began researching. Between my own research and speaking with the other pet owner I came up with the following diet. So here it is..

Essiac Tea-Early morning
Veggie/Fruit/ Supplements mix (see above photo)- Breakfast
Yogurt, Flaxseed and Red Clover - Mid morning snack
Veggie/fruit/ Supplements mix with meat - Dinner
Yogurt, flaxseed and red clover - Snack
Essiac Tea- before bedtime

Over the next few weeks I will write up more posts to explain all the foods, supplements and foods we are currently testing out. I have mixed a few different diets and come up with our own daily diet. I'll explain some of the diets out there and let you pick and choose and form your own diet.

Being told that your dog (or cat) has been diagnosed with any form of cancer is completely devastating. Being that we eat an organic, natural diet (not 100% of the time..but mostly!) why would we not do this for the girls.
I have lots of posts that will be coming up explaining dog foods that are currently on the market and the alternatives to feed your pets. Then I will move into the "cancer diet" for your furry friend. You can follow up weekly to follow Lola's progress in the hopes that my combination beats this nasty disease. I have all the confidence in the world that trying this diet and supplements will really help my baby and my other two (who are not sick - but will now be much healthier)

I wish I would have had one place to have everything all in one place - so anything I can put up, links etc will hopefully help out others going through the same battle.