Tuesday, March 12, 2013

tasty tuesdays..

This weekend was a very full weekend, which didn't leave too much time for baking. I did however make some banana bread.

I love banana bread. But I've already shared the recipe with you guys. Sorry I just didn't have time to bake up anything else. The majority of my Sunday was spent doing our taxes. I worked all morning, for some OT, had lunch and dove in head first.

Like I said friday I used to love doing our taxes, Kevin even commented on Sunday when he called to check in on me .."Well you like doing them anyway.." But the past few years I've just been "meh" about doing them. But I can proudly say they are completed, even did my sales tax taxes for the business. 

Then baked banana bread..made some macaroni salad to go with our steaks we got to grill out! It was a pretty decent day.

How did you all spend the weekend?

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