Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend roundup

Weekend began with a little bit of overtime Saturday morning, followed by our farmer's market and vegan store take. 

This week we came home with: spaghetti squash, variegated beets, romaine tips, steaks, hamburg, eggs, pork chops, bratwurst and coffee.

This weekend has been the first nice weekend, and definitely has us all craving for spring to be here. Because it was so nice we decided to take the girls out to the pine barrens. Now. Here's the thing. Where we live there is no snow on the ground. Just an occasional little mound that hasn't fully melted...

We came home and got the girls all packed up in the car and headed out. As we drove closer and closer to the forest we started to get a little worried. There was snow and lots of it, everywhere! We decided we drove all that way, maybe once we got into the woods it wouldn't be as bad. We were very, very wrong. 

(you can see that here they are kind of floating on top, but look at the foot prints to see it was fairly deep. In some areas when I stepped it went half way up my leg, almost to my knee)

It was fine for the little ones for a bit because they are light enough to be on top of the snow (there were a few instances they fell through though). But for us, especially me, it was horrible. I believe the trail we were on is over a mile long, about half way through Lola decided she couldn't make it any further. So I picked her up and carried her for a while until I caught up with Kevin (who is always WAY ahead of me when we do these walks and it drives me CRAZY!) He then took over the carrying Lola duties, just in time for Ella to say "Screw this" and flat out refused to walk any further. So the entire rest of the way I had to carry her. I think I fell three times. Twisted my ankle and thought I was going to break my leg a few times. But we made it out alive. Just barely. It was horrible! I know, I'm a super wimp because you are probably looking at these pictures thinking it doesn't look that bad. But believe me, there were spots that were really crappy deep, especially when you are carrying a dog (and already have a bum knee to start with) 

So yeah, I didn't have much fun. We won't be going back until we are positive there is no more snow. Though we went one time last year and the mosquitoes were outrageous. I think I'd rather deal with the snow actually! But all that matters is that the girls had a good time. Especially Lola.


Here is a little clip of Ella on the ride home. She was so tuckered out it was adorable. Hope you all had fantastic weekends, even though we lost an hour.