Monday, October 01, 2012

a small hive update..and yummy market goodness in one

This week's yummy take. We actually just had the spaghetti squash and those delicious rolls for dinner last night. First time I ever tried spaghetti squash and it was actually really good. I surprised myself by really liking something new and different!

The market was extra awesome this past weekend, I found $11 on the ground while walking to the organic shop across the street! We looked around and there was absolutely no one anywhere near us it was just blowing across the sidewalk. Somewhere, someone is saying, "Gosh darn it I lost $11!!" I feel a little guilty but there really wasn't anyone around. I'm assuming it blew across the street from someone at the market. You know what they say..."Finders keepers..."

I didn't get a chance to post up the take from the week before, but I love this picture! Take a look out the window and you will see Polly squirrel hunting!

I also don't think I ever told you all about the fabulous bags I use when we go to the market. We obviously have canvas bags that we take with us. We have some really nice heavy duty canvas ones that hold lots of goodies. But I always get frustrated because the vendors put things like beans, potatoes, tomatoes, etc into plastic bags. You know I detest those things and make every possible attempt to never take them. So a couple months ago we found these amazing mesh bags. They are made by a company called Flip and Fumble. We got ours from Amazon but I've also seen them on other websites. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome these bags have been. I was a bad girl and forgot them this past week but I absolutely love them. So, so good!

The rest of this week I will most likely be MIA. I can not believe that the show is upon me this coming week. All weekend was spent making lip balms. You guys are going to love them! I'm so excited to share everything with you all. All Saturday was spent making 250+ balms and Sunday was spent shrink wrapping them. If you have ever had to shrink wrap things, you know it's NOT a fun job! It took me over 6 hours with my hair dryer. I have it down to a science now and got a little quicker as I went. But it's not a quick process, and definitely not a fun one! But lip balm making is a lot of fun! My house smelled like this crazy candy factory. Tomorrow night is going to be spent wrapping soaps in my labels. Then I just have to create my blackboard and tie in ends on my scrubbies.

With everything I have left, I will definitely be MIA and probably won't get to do my fridays favorites. One week hiatus starting now and I'll be back next Sunday with another fabulous interview your your enjoyment. 

If anyone has anything fabulous to share or a post on their blog they don't want me to miss send me an email! Otherwise I will be computer free and not checking my normal blogs I read. 

Ok, full speed ahead!! Wish me luck. I'll be back when this crazy whirlwind is over!!