Saturday, October 13, 2012

and we are live.....

Come on over and check out the launch of The Hive Botanicals!! It feels like it's been forever and a day getting ready for the doors to be open and it's finally here. I can't even explain how excited and proud I am with how this project came together.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Tangerine and Pink Grapefruit : I wish computers had "smell-o-vision" because you would be fixated on your screen right now! It smells amazing, and to top it off it has FOUR amazing clays to give you a super amazing bar of luscious soap!

Activated Charcoal: I know it may look soap?! But it is amazing, especially if you have troubled (ie. acne) skin. This is my go to facial cleanser. It bubbles up grey and leaves your skin so soft. I have seen such an improvement in my complexion since I've started using it. Plus it's scented with eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender! Yum!!

You can't go wrong with any of my lip balms. Who doesn't want Black Forest (that smells JUST like Black Forest cake!!) on your lips on a daily basis?! But if that's not you cup of tea..we have Chocolate (without the guilt), Vanilla, Watermelon, Strawberry, Grape, Cherry and Peach!

I'll be listing my "scrubbies" wash cloths later in the day, but still needed to get some pictures (it's been so darn dark and rainy in these parts for weeks!) 

Thank you everyone who has supported me and given kind regards during this launch. It's meant a lot and really helped me when sometimes things looked like they would never happen. 

So thank YOU!! Love you guys!!

Now get on over to The Hive and tell all your friends!!