Monday, April 01, 2013

a teeny change..

I have been craving a change a fresh look, while still keeping my style from the last layout (because I loved my little pictures!)

So the biggest change is the move to Passionfruit ads. Check it out here. So if we are currently ad swapping please make sure you send over your ad for a swap - or check out my larger ad spots available too.

Hope you all like the new layout! I'm excited for Passionfruit the most. Ah, will be so nice not having to deal with putting up and taking down ads. I actually used to just leave everyone's ads up all the time so that will be a bit of a change to those who have previously placed ads on my blog, you'll have to send them to me monthly.

But I hope you all like the new cleaner layout. I know I like it. Though you know me, I'm sure there might be tweaks here and there!