Tuesday, April 30, 2013

currently... back from the dead

I don't live to destroy, but I am back from the dead. Or what seemed like me being dead the last two weeks. So sorry that I have been MIA. I will do my best to not let that happen again! So what better post to do than a "currently" post to get you up to speed on the on goings around the Pelletier household..

Thinking about: too many things! I have some crazy exciting news regarding the business. I'm still in shock and awe about! I'll be sharing over the next week or so, just have a few small things to hash out before jinxing anything. I'm also coming up with deodorant recipes and my version of "tattoo goo". The "tattoo goo" is already a recipe I have already made and developed, the mister loves it- I'm just working on the packaging and labeling. So that should be out shortly. Also thinking about our gardens. We started working on them this past weekend. Nothing too exciting to share yet. But definitely some before and progress pictures will be taken over the next few weeks. It's raining and yucky out the last couple days, so that will wait til the sun comes back to join us.

Reading: Trying to get caught up on blogs from the past two weeks. I really was MIA from it all, so I'm slowly reading back blog posts. I'm sure I've missed a lot of what's been happening. If you had something super awesome going on you want me to know about please share!

Listening to: complete and total silence. The mister went over to one of our friends houses tonight, so I'm home alone getting caught up on sending and packaging orders, reading a bit, writing posts and once I'm done here will be starting on a special project for a friend. I like quiet nights, just me and the girls. Sometimes we watch "girl tv" - ie Brothers and Sisters - my new guilty pleasure now that I have finished watching Greys Anatomy.

Looking forward to: Saturday. Guys it's finally here! The Farmer's Market opens this Saturday!!! I'm so excited and a bit nervous. I feel like I have a million things left to do but not really sure where to begin. So we'll see! This past weekend when we drove out to the last of the Winter indoor market, we stopped in the park to check out my spot. It is awesome!! Prime location. I couldn't be happier where it is. The only thing that would have made me happier is if we were across from our friends Kelly and Adam so that we could hang out during the day, but it's ok. I'm really happy with where we were placed. 

Watching: We have been watching Hemlock Grove. Anyone else watching it on Netflix? I'm really liking it so far. I think we are roughly half way through. We are trying to spread out the episodes and not watch too many in a row. We also started watching Fringe. I had never seen it, or even heard of it when we still had tv/cable. It's with Joshua Jackson, pretty decent show, reminds me a lot of X-Files with a twist. That JJ Abrams guy must be a gazillionaire.

Making me happy: The news I will be sharing about The Hive. The thought of spring finally being here and being able to crochet outside while the mister grills our dinner. Working in the garden, watching things starting to grow. And of course, the thoughts of this weekend. Have I said how excited, yet somewhat terrified I am?! Okay. I promise to stop saying "this weekend" or "saturday" again in this post! haha

What are you currently up to? If you post a "currently" on your blog, please link me to it so I can read it.

Again so sorry about the long absence, hope nobody bailed on me because of it! I'm back and have lots of awesome things to be sharing over the next few months now with garden weather being here, so stick around.