Friday, April 05, 2013

fff vol 60

Favorite finds from the past week:

Etsy find of the week:

I just had to share these totally awesome glasses! As you all know, I very rarely drink soda. But when I do, it's Boylans. These would be perfect for my kitchen!

Please can I move in?

I am in love with this room and all those hanging plants. I need to do an updated post on how my plants have grown since I last posted about them. I also need/ want to get some hanging plants as well.

Get in my belly!

While the mister and I now eat meat, there was a very long period of time (over ten years) that we were both vegetarians. We still love eating veggie burgers and I get "fake meat crumbles" all the time to make sloppy joes. Plus I have been on a sprout kick lately and want to buy a kit so that I can start growing my own.

When we lived in Northampton, MA - there was this amazing vegetarian/ vegan sandwich shop called "Fire and Water" that we used to eat at all the time. One of the sandwiches I used to get was packed with sprouts on top. It was so yummy and I've had a serious caving lately.

Tee shirt of the week:

I've been a fan of this shop for quite a while and had this tee-shirt as a favorite forever. Then I happened to come across it again this week and I saw it wasn't "favorited" and realized I had it saved to my vintage shop favorites profile instead of my new Etsy shop profile that I use 95% of the time. I immediately put it back in my favorites and once I have a little extra spending money, this shirt WILL be mine!

I can't believe my vacation is drawing to an end. I didn't do too much, please the mister was sick for nearly the entire week. Worked on my bog, my shop, made soaps (and deodorants- coming soon!!) and some baking. But it was so nice to just be able to sleep in (something I never do, hahah still it was usually only until 8 but that's very late for me!) and not have any definite plans for the days. I could get used to it. Working on projects and being free to do as I please..ah..someday it will happen.

No big weekend plans either. Farmer's market is tomorrow. Only tomorrow and one more and then it will be the open, outdoor market - in which I will be a vendor!! My main goal is to make enough money each week to pay our food bill. Anything more than that I will be ecstatic! 

What are your weekend plans?