Tuesday, April 09, 2013

support the little guy

Supporting local and/or small businesses is my moto. My husband and I feed ourselves by supporting our local farms through our Farmer's Markets, feed our dogs by supporting our locally owned pet shop, shop via handmade outlets (Etsy, local markets, antique shops, mom and pop shops) and dine out at independently owned restaurants, who also support our local economy. 

I see change on the horizon. So many more people are living their lives the way we do and it makes me feel awesome to know, that not everyone wants "the cheapest" and runs to their huge big-box store. Many people and saying no to that lifestyle and saying, Let's support the little guy.

So I'm asking for your help. I need your votes. You can vote one time each day from now until May 12th. They are going to pick the top 15, and award them with $5,000 to help toward their business goals. $5,000 could bring a lot of change to this business and bring it to the next level. I'd love your help in trying to get there.

Support the little guy!