Saturday, April 06, 2013


Thinking about: My new blog, new items that I'm currently working on to have released within the next month and how I really do not want to go back to work on Monday. Normally vacations fly by. This one didn't actually. It was just the right pace and I was able to relax, but still get a lot done. It was perfect. Next vacation comes up in June. Hopefully it is equally as awesome.

Reading: Garden books, lots and lots of garden lay out books. We are in full force of getting our gardens laid out and planned. We've even started eggplant and broccoli. None of the eggplant have sprouted yet though, so it's making me a little sad that we got dud seeds or something?

Listening to: Lots of NPR radio podcasts. Kevin has always been a huge NPR fan. Whenever he takes out my car and I go in to drive, the radio is always on a crackly NPR station that only comes in spotily as I drive to work. But at home we listen to it on podcasts - "Wait, wait don't tell me" and "Car talk" can always be heard while we make and eat dinner each night. 

Looking forward to: May 4th. Why? It's the kick off of the Hamilton Farmer's Market and I can not wait to finally have a booth this year. I find out on the 15th of this month, by lottery, of where my plot will be. I have my fingers crossed we end up near our friends, Kelly and Adam. I should find out next week, so excited!

Watching: Lots of documentaries (they will be listed under "watching" each week of course) but we also just finished watching Season 2 of "The Killing" and "Breakout Kings". That's the only thing bad (or good) about Netflix is that you can fly through a season in a matter of days if you really want to. They just put up Season 5 (I think it's 5, anyway) of Mad Men. So we are working on that too. I only allow ourselves to watch one episode every few days to try and make it last a little longer though haha. I'm also watching "Freaks and Geeks" entire season again. I honestly don't think I can count how many times I've watched it. haha. Any suggestions on shows that are on Netflix I may like. I'm trying to find something that has LOTS of seasons/episodes to keep us busy for a while. I really like crime type of shows.

Making me happy: The sun. I think we may finally be starting spring here. All this past week it snowed. YES! Snowed nearly every day. But it all melted away yesterday and this morning again, sun. Here's to putting the winter officially behind us.

What are you currently up to? If you post a "currently" on your blog, please link me to it so I can read it.