Friday, April 12, 2013

fff vol 61

Favorite finds from the past week:

Etsy find of the week:

I don't actually usually use a bag/purse. I throw my wallet in my pocket and am on my way. But this bag is really gorgeous. The craftsmanship is amazing. I'm always in awe at fabulous sewing skills. While I have a nice machine and can sew, I don't really have the patience for it. I never took the time to really get good at it. So when I see amazing handmade items like this, I'm in awe and jealous of their skills. This shop actually has shoes too. Their entire Etsy shop is fabulous.

Please can I move in?

I am craving spring to hurry up and get here. Next week it is finally supposed to be "spring weather". I want to get working on our gardens and back yard makeovers. This backyard is stunning. If this were my backyard, I don't know if I would ever leave it!

Get in my belly!

I've been so busy lately that I havent really found the time to bake. (which is probably a good thing for my waistline!) But these look so yummy..and they have that doesn't count as bad-for-me food right?!

Tee shirt of the week:

I am completely smitten with this tee shirt. It looks so soft and cozy. And I always love aged looking shirts. This is definitely on my "buy list". They have soooo many great shirts. I need to watch my wallet when I order!

I have a feeling this weekend is going to be a whirlwind. Farmers market, working some extra hours for my day job, making soaps and creating new products for the shop, working on our gardens (weather permitting), finishing touches to The Hive now being on Facebook - check me out here the list keeps growing.

What are you all up to this weekend? Is it finally showing signs of spring where you are? Have a great weekend everyone!