Friday, April 19, 2013

fff vol 62

Favorite finds from the past week:

Etsy find of the week:

"Carro, a fat carrot who always stomachache" 

How can you not love this?! It made my day when I saw it. I think it was especially funny because I get tummy aches an awful lot and was picturing myself in the fat carrot suit.

Please can I move in?

I love these stairs and the pop of color. I'm sure most of you know my taste and how I LOVE white rooms. So seeing this really inspired me. It may be an idea I take away and do when we refinish our hallway in the fall. Of course the cute little puppy sitting on the stairs also helped in my decision. 

Get in my belly!

One word. Yum!

Tee shirt  Watch of the week:

How awesome is this watch?! I used to be a die-hard watch wearer. I think I go in spurts when it comes to wearing jewelry and watches. I either need to have one on everyday or nothing. I basically just have my plugs (and my tragus and septum jewelry) in and my wedding rings. But after seeing this watch...I want to start wearing a watch again. 

So I wanted to address the silence here on the blog for the past week, and me not being around any of your all blogs to put my witty remarks. That is because I came down with the plague last Saturday. Yes, full out death plague.

I had so many aspirations to get done last weekend. None got done. Nothing got done other than me lying half dead in my own germiness. I'll spare you details. But it involved ear aches, headaches, swollen glands, sore throats, loss of voice, noise running like a faucet. For 3 days my teeth even hurt! MY TEETH! It was rotten/miserable. ie. The Plague. I'm started to feel a little bit better Wednesday, yesterday just a smidge more, and hopefully by this weekend will actually be able to enjoy a few days of non plague-like symptoms. Ugh miserable times. Hope none of you all have had this rottenness that is going around. 

I'm not going to give a list of things I want to do this weekend because I don't want to jinx myself and then wind up in bed again! So I'll just say this, hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Did anyone take Shawn up on his free coffee?!!