Monday, June 10, 2013

Etsy update

This weekend I spent Sunday playing photographer and updating the majority of my Etsy photos. All the soaps were redone - just have the lip balms to work on next. I decided to make my "Grit" series of soaps have special backgrounds - I am in love with how my mechanics grit pictures came out. The best part is I just walked into the mister's motorcycle shop and placed the soap down. I didn't touch a thing or "stage them" at all. Amazing!

I'm also releasing Garden Grit for all the gardeners out there. This soap is amazing and gets your hands dirt free, even after you have been playing in the dirt all day and think it will be impossible to get all that dirt out from under your nails...this does the trick!

So if you know a mechanic or a gardener...get on over to the shop and pick up some soap!