Thursday, June 06, 2013

welcome to my garden take 3

Yes, you could say I'm obsessed with lilacs. When we have the front windows open the smell fills the house and it's amazing! I'm also so happy with the moving of the irises, it was an excellent choice if I do say so myself.

Our garden has exploded.

Our lettuce, radishes and broccoli are getting all grown up and we also are having success with our potatoes!!

The mister, the other night, actually just added the next layer of mulch on top. So these are all covered with a new layer of mulch and straw. It's so exciting, I can not wait for potatoes!!!

He also put down cardboard in all the remaining beds to get them ready to start mulching them.

It's getting there. Over the next few weeks we will be getting mulches to fill in all the beds, next year we can be "full production" But this year will just have plantings in a couple.

Shortly after taking all these pictures the other night, there was a random downpour. The mister just continued to work in the rain while Ella and I hid under the tree. A few women walked by laughing because they had gotten caught in the rain and expressed how much they loved what we are doing with the yard. It is always so nice to hear that people think its awesome. I usually think they are all looking at us like we are the weirdos of the block..though it doesn't help since the mister hung this up...

(I can't wait until we get this place painted this summer!!)