Thursday, June 20, 2013

roller derby..

I have had a long time love affair with roller derby. I remember watching it when I was little thinking how awesome and cool those women were. How amazing it would be to one day play.

Unfortunately for me I lack two things you need to play... good knees and aggression. My mom joked with me that even if I had good knees and the ability to play, I would be out there skating and if I ran into anyone I'd be apologizing and asking them if they were okay. Which is so true. But hey, I can pretend that I would be this amazing aggressive player. 

When I was little I used to roller skate in our kitchen. Round and round I would go around the kitchen island. My mother HATED that I did this. Most of the time the wooden spoon came out and I got the look of death shot at me. But sometimes I got away with it, man it was so much fun. 

But two knee surgeries later, and an impending third one, has left me without having full range of motion in my left knee as well as the inability to put any weight on it..So something like this...

would be completely out of the question. Seeing you need full mobility of your and playing roller derby will never happen. 

But what I can do is be an NSO (non skating official) which is what I am now for our local team. Right now I'm in charge of the penalty box, but could also be put into the center rink and be in change of timing the jammers. I'm hoping they will put me as head nso.

So because I am a nerd when it comes to anything new. I have been studying and reading up on all the rules etc. I'm super excited about this little venture. Getting to be part of a team without the potential for injury always sounds good to me! 

You can find out lots more info here about flat track roller derby. Check out your local chapter and become involved. It's a lot of fun!