Saturday, June 29, 2013

Grab Bag Love

My lip balms can now be found in Grab Bag Love!

I was extremely delighted when Jamie (owner of the company) wanted my lip balms to be part of her Original grab bags.

Are you familiar with subscription boxes? 

I actually really didn't know too much about them until one of my friends was raving about a popular online subscription box. I went on a search researching different boxes available and reached out to many. One of the boxes I am currently featured in is Grab Bag Love (and personally one of my favorites) I love that the items are all from smaller start up companies and handcrafted Etsy shops.

Jamie is a real doll to work with as well. She currently offers three different types of bags: Original, Domesticated and Health Nut. 

Original: "Inside the Original Grab Bag (Love) you'll find an assortment of amazing goods, from cosmetics, skincare products, fashion accessories, chic stationary products, gourmet chocolates and more!" - ***This is where you can find The Hive Botanicals lip balms

Domesticated: "Just because some people think cooking and cleaning is work doesn't mean you can't find it fun. Enjoy an assortment of products and projects to keep your home and garden organized, clean and lets face it, awesome!"

Health Nut: Experience the latest health food products, from nutrition bars and organic treats to natural supplements. This bag is a great choice for any Whole Foods lover!
New Bonus: In addition to yummy products we now also include a print out of our favorite healthy recipe we've discovered. "

Here is a little peak inside one of the original bags recently shipped.

So back to my friend that originally spoke to me about this whole new world of grab bags. Because I was telling her about Grab Bag Love, she immediately went out and ordered one. It arrived earlier this week and included one of my cherry lip balms along with many other amazing products. She was so excited and texting me pictures of all the goodies.

So if you are in the market for a grab bag of awesome goodies head on over, which would you pick?!