Tuesday, June 04, 2013

new set up is coming...

It was always our intention of having a really unique set up for our market setups. So we have been in the planning stages and have begun work..

I picked up this vintage typewriter table last year for $1 at an auction. Someone had painted it gold. What were people thinking?!

So we sanded it down and painted it flat black...

ah..so much better. There are also sides that fold down/ up (just not attached yet in this photo) We are going to be using this for my lip balm display. 

The next step is making a sign. The mister is getting into sign painting, I have high expectations. I know it will be amazing.

This was a sample piece. He used this method in his motorcycle shop, it brings out the wood grain. He didn't end up using this method for this sign, but we might use it for another sign. He's going to be making quite a few different ones on different displays.

I will devote a whole post to the sign process once it gets finished (hopefully later this week it will be finished) I'm excited to see how it comes out.