Monday, June 24, 2013

Plant stands revisited almost a year later

Last year I shared my vintage plant stands and how small all my plants were. I cannot believe it, but it's roughly a year later and they are all alive and thriving. I also have a few new additions too.

Can you believe how insane my geranium is?! It's too big and heavy for the plant stand so I am currently trying to find it a home, for now the chair works. 

I love succulents. I am bad with names (as always) But the little grouping of four in the right - all i can think of are elephant feet for some reason. like someone buried an elephant upside down with his feet sticking in the air. These are all new. I think we got them just a couple weeks ago so nothing too exciting going on with them right now.

Most have just gotten so big that they are too big for the stand so Kevin put some on top of my yarn cabinet (it's a mess- don't look in there! hah you can see the reflection of my super awesome bike) My jade plant has been transplanted I think three times now. It's loving its now large pot. 

Now for the biggest change...

For lack of room, Kevin has moved his plants up here. He is growing aquarium plants and will be launching a new business very soon.

Here is just one example of what he will be selling. They are so cool, I can't wait for him to launch his shop. I'll keep you all posted:

Do you have lots of plants? I honestly cannot believe these are all still alive. It's probably a lot because of the mister and him keeping up on them though too! 

In the fall we are hoping to get a jump start and get back working on the renovations in the house. Once the house starts to get completed, room by room, more plants will be added. I keep finding all these amazing planters and just want to buy them all!