Friday, June 07, 2013

fff vol 69

Favorite finds from the past week:

Etsy find of the week:

I've loved this little smock dress for months and was so hoping my friends had a girl..but alas - they had a super adorable baby boy. So my hopes to buy this little dress went out the window. Everyone I know is pregnant with a boy right now! 

So.. IF you know of adorable little girl - use code VERANELLIES25 and take 25% of. She also has really great vintage adult clothes too that you can use the discount on.

Please can I move in?

This came from one of my all time favorite sites - cabinporn I just flip through and dream about living out in the woods in some teeny little cabin...some day....

Get in my belly!

I've been craving cookies all week..any kind of cookies! I think next week on my vacation I will be doing a lot of baking!

Tee shirt of the week:

So many great shirts..I know I've said it before..but I really need to get an order in soon. one of each please!

Well this weekend is supposed to continue on with the rain. Which means the market will probably be a bust this weekend. But I'll be happy either way because Saturday starts my vacation! Believe's long overdue. 

No big plans for the week just will be nice to not be working. 

Any plans?