Friday, January 03, 2014

fff vol 97

Favorite finds from the past week:

Etsy find of the week:

I absolutely am smitten with this print. I have been "working out" using my wiiu fit and every time that I do, Ella stands on the bed behind me and nips at my shirt. The mister and I are always making up grand stories about the girls and them basiclly being miniature humans, so this picture fits ou vision of Ella joining in with mama as she works out. Love it!

Please can I move in?

Please can I go back in time, own one of these amazing row houses in NYC in the 50's? How can anyone not love the visual aspect of that era?

Get in my belly!

Yes please, I would like this in my belly right now!

Tee shirt Pants of the week:

You may be thinking..but Trisha..these are MENS pants. But if you know me in the least bit, that is not anything new for me. I have always loved mens pants more than womens. Especially now that basically all womens pants are spray panted on (completely not my style) These are all on sale right now for 20$ so I may have to go stock up this weekend.

What does everyone have planned for this first weekend of 2014? I need to make time and update my Etsy shop - I have a few new items that I haven't gotten in the shop yet, so I need to take photos and get them in there. Then I also need to be working on some new recipes and new items that will be hopefully hitting the shelves come the spring that I am really excited about. Is there anything you have wanted to see in the shop but I crrently don't carry? 

I have a list of some great new additions that will be coming, but I always love hearing feedback, especially from  those of you using the goodies!

Have a great weekend all!