Wednesday, January 15, 2014

wiw vol 45 More Than Honey

2012 - 95 minutes - NR
Streaming Netflix


An in-depth look at honeybee colonies in California, Switzerland, China and Australia.

We are obsessed with bees here in the Pelletier household. The mister has been wanting to kep bees for years, maybe he will finally get around to building his hives this year. They would be awesome to keep for our gardens. We have watched just about every bee documentary out there and the majority all say the same thing .. we don't know why the bees are dying. Some will admit its a combination of the chemicals, pesticides and inbreeding of the bees but most act as if there is some big mystery. Like..gee..they are pollenating all these trees while we spray them with chemicals..they take the chmicals back to their hives which is then fed to all the bees and the queen...hmmm..nah..that couldn't by why they are dying.. 

This documentary does talk about just that exact fact, but why is no one doing anything about it? Why does everything have to be so "big"? There is one bee keeper that states his dad and grand dad would be up in arms if they knew how he was running his operation, he goes on to say but mine is 10x times bigger, 10 times this and that. But why? Why do you need things to be 10x bigger?

This is what I cannot stand with how the majority of the population think. Why do things have to be bigger? WHY do you need a HUGE house? Why do you need a jumbo gas-monster of a car? Why do you need to make a gazillion dollars a year? Why do you need more more more? To me these things make no sense. To me, greed and "more" do not bring happiness. That's the reason people give when they answer these questions right? Well, they won't admit they are greedy bastards, but in essence thats what they are. Why can't you just have enough? 

Just live with what you really do need and spend your time being happy and enjoying life? When life becomes this race to gain more, have the biggest this and that and make the most money..I can only ask why? Because this "more more more" "bigger bigger bigger" attitiude is what is hurting the environment, hurting the work place and hurting people in general...