Thursday, January 16, 2014

tattoos on the brain..

Lately all I think about are tattoos. I go in "phases" where I pine over tattoos, come up with great ideas, then have no money to get anything done and the "phase" passes. As I mentioned before I have not regretted not getting the tattoos I have come up with in the past. Some tattoos (stars on my elbows) I am actually glad that the tattoo artist told me I had the pointest elbows on earth and refused to attempt the tattoos (hahah this is a true story)

But I constantly come back to the same aesthetic. I think its about time I just said screw this and go for it. What am I waiting for? I have compiled lots of ideas and am going to mesh things all together to come up with some truly beautiful tattoos.

My goal is for this year to get a 3/4 sleeve on my right arm and then move to the left and begin a half sleeve.  I would absolutely love to have a chest piece like the one above, but to be honest..I don't know if I'm tough enough. I know all tattoos hurt, but obviously certain areas are more painful than others - the chest plate being one of them. 

The look will actually be similar to the chest piece up top - its going to be combinations of floral and birds in black/grey - pointilism. I am so insanely excited about it. I know when the dates come closer Im sure I will be in full on panic anxiety mode, I hope I don't do something retarded and pass out. I have a history of passing out. haha funny side "passing out story"

When I was 19 my boyfriend and our good friend drove to NYC to see Lifetime (if you haven't heard of this amazing band - look them up they were one of my favorite bands in the 90's) at CBGBs before the show we thought it would be a good idea to get my tongue pierced. So we headed to one of their favorite tattoos shops and proceeded to pierce my tongue, they thought it would be a good idea to go with a 8g needle instead of the normal 14g (for those of you into piercing - you know that this is pretty darn big to be getting pierced with) So forward we went - it didn't really hurt (not anymore than any other piercing really) and I was so shocked at the "lack of pain" that I jumped up really fast and ran over to show my friends..only to immediately fall over. All I remember is coming to - it was dreamy - I remember seeing clouds and having visions of my mom yelling and me and gasping at what I had just done. Then I was fully alert, with my head in the lap of the piercer and all these guys going "holy eff! are you okay!!??" Apparently I was out of it for a good little while. ah yes. Leave it to me to pass out and feel retarded. I will give this advice for anyone that is thinking of getting their tongue pierced (if this is still something people even still do!) Never do it prior to going to a hardcore show and never jump up immediately following. You will be miserable, in pain with a swollen tongue and possibly even on the ground passed out. 

Writing this it has me thinking of piercings and trends. When I had all my piercings it actually wasn't "the thing to do" I got crazy looks like I was devil spawn or something. I'm not saying this to be "oh you were 'cool' before your time" thing. But I never understood how piercings became so "trendy". It really confused me. When it became popular I actually started taking things out because I was so annoyed. 

I actually had kept my tongue piercing until I was in my early thirties - just got rid of it a couple years ago actually. I had it stretched to a 2g and never thought I would take it out. It never impaired my speech and actually because of how I speak not many people even knew I had it unless I specifically showed them or they asked to see it. If you don't believe me, listen to this - I had it for three years before my parents even knew about it and that was ONLY because my little brother ratted me out one day by catching a glimpse and then very loudly kept saying " Trisha why is there something SILVER in your mouth" I never saw my mothers head turn so fast in her life. haha 

Ah.. reminiscing about the past. So funny how we grow up and change but something still stay constant. The only piercings I have left are my 1" holes, both tragus and my septum. Another piercing that I have actually not worn any visible jewelry in for over 10 years, yet I keep the retainer in. I sometimes wonder why I'm keeping it..I guess for the random time I might want to wear my jewelry?! Who knows. It's not hurting anyone so eh, I keep it. Everything else has been taken its time for the tattoos....

So tell me, what "phases" have you gone through? Have you gotten any tattoos that you regret? Or do you regret not getting a certain tattoo? I'd love to hear stories, spill the beans!