Thursday, January 09, 2014

It's never to late..

Every year I say I don't make "New Year's resolutions" per se but I make "lists and goals". So I'm a bit of a hypocrite because, I'm pretty sure that is what resolutions technically are.

I guess what I try to put out there is that I have goals each year I try to obtain, unlike some "resolutions" that people try to commit to and always fail (ie the stereotype of the 'I want to lose 10 pounds' resolution. While I would love to lose 10 pounds, it's not going on my list, because it's just something I'm always working toward.

So all that being said. I give you my "list" (I'm still rebelling against resolutions) that I would like to achieve over the next year of my life.

1. I want this year to be the year I begin work on tattoos I have been dreaming about for many many years. I want to actually have a 3/4 sleeve. The problem is I have too many ideas, and not enough space so I need to be really cognizant of what I want. There have been many tattoos I have almost gotten and then backed out (some while I was at the shop!) And I have not regretted any of those decisions, which means they were definitely not the right tattoos for me. So this is something that has been on my mind lately and I'm sure I will share more on this throughout the year, hopefully with progress.

2. Adventures. I want this year to hold as many adventures as we can possibly cram into it. The girls love going on hikes and outings and I want to make it a point to go as many weekends as we can. Each weekend we will be at the farmers markets on Saturdays - but every Sunday can be "Adventure time" to drive to random areas in NY to spend the day and have little picnics. 

3. The shop. Making it bigger and better. I have all these grand ideas and lots of great new products that will be out this spring that I am hoping you all will fall in love with and won't want to live without. Please spread the word, and also know that this month is 14% off using code "NewYear14"

We are also looking forward to the second year at the Farmers Markets - Thursdays and Saturdays. We may also be opening a second (unrelated) shop at the markets - more on that to come once we decide yay or nay to it.

4. Decluttering my life. We (or I should say the mister) has already started this. I have a tendency to think "I may need to use x item one time a year - i NEED to keep said x item". My mister HATES clutter, and hates "things". i am in no way, shape or form a pack rat in anyones standards. But I do have things that are hard to part with. 

For example, years ago when we lived in Masschusetts we found a bowling alley that if you signed up for 8 Sundays to bowl, at the end you got a free bowling ball! I thought that was awesome. It would give us a fun, random activity to do on a Sunday afternoon and at the end - we would have our own bowling balls! So, if you know me and my weird ways - I was not going to even comprehend putting on a pair of bowling shoes that 5 million people have worn before. So the mister bought us bowling shoes..and not just any bowling shoes. Mine were purple, suede and completely awesome (and awesomely expensive). I loved my little shoes, they even have cute silky bags that each shoe goes in. 

Move forward many years later..I still have my shoes in said silky bags, and our bowling balls are stuffed up in the attic. They have not been used in years, possibly a decade. Yet I do not want to part with them. I think I might have such a problem because they were so expensive and are so cute? Plus IF we EVER decide to go bowling (I doubt but you never know?!) I will have my shoes. What is wrong with me? Why can't I let go of purple bowling shoes? 

He has cleaned out the attic as well as a back stairway that we stored kitchen stuff in. The stairs led to no where as the prior occupants of the house had closed off the stairway many many years ago. So it became a little extra storage area that accumulated lots of random things that we'd use once a year, or once every couple years. But leave it to the mister and in one day and many BIG black garbage bags later everything is gone. I don't even want to know what he tossed because I'm sure I would have tried to pull things out. I tend to find random sentimental reasons I dont want to get rid of something. So if he goes in and clears things out - its better. I won't know whats gone until its gone and there will be nothing I can do about it at that point!

I know there are many things I should still get rid of. I dont have many possessions but I am honest enough to say that some I still have I should just get rid of. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, how do you put it in your mind and justify getting rid of it that makes sense? Because if I don't get some help, I may have a pair of purple suede bowling shoes that go to the grave with me!

So what are your goals and wants for this next year? I have many other small little random wants and goals but these are the main ones that I want to be focused on to accomplish. 

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a fulfilling year!