Monday, February 04, 2013


Thinking about: How my Monday is going to go. I have many new changes happening at work this coming week, including a transfer of teams and a new boss. I'm a little bit nervous, a little stressed but mostly anticipating change and going into all this with an open mind. 

Watching: Guilty pleasure - Grey's Anatomy season 8 on Netflix. I remember years ago, a woman I worked with raved on and on about this show. McDreamy and Mcthis and Mcthat, she would gush on and on about the show. But I never watched it. Quite a few months ago I started watching it and it became my guilty pleasure to watch while I crochet all my blankets. I've now made it to season 8. Which means I only have about 20 more episodes..then will have to find a new guilty pleasure.

Reading: The Contortionist's Handbook by Craig Clevenger. I picked this up the other day at the library, I'm only a few chapters in but I'm really liking it.

Listening: Ella chewing on a bone almost the same size as her while listening for the beep on my toaster oven to let me know my giant cookie is hopefully cooking. The element in my oven died as I was pre-heating it to bake a skillet cookie. I have to wait until our local repair shop opens in the morning in hopes they have one in stock. If not I'll have to place an order for one and be without an oven until one comes in. Thank goodness (and hopefully) this is all that is wrong with it. 

Making: A skillet cookie in a toaster oven! Oi! Hopefully it comes out okay seeing that I already had one major baking failure this weekend. 

Anticipating: Change, good or bad. Change is inevitable. It's how we handle that change that defines us.

Planning: A possible blog rehaul and face lift. While I love the current look part of me is craving change. A more minimalism, fresh, streamlined look. We'll see. I'm just thinking and planning in my head. I have a gazillion other more important things going on at the moment.. but it's something that may happen..or may not. 

Loving: The thought of spring. I know it's still a few months away. But I can't stop thinking about getting our gardens ready..being able to go into my front yard to pick veggies and eat them that night for dinner. Having our outdoor farmers market open again, and this time being a vendor!! I'm excited and can't wait.

Making me happy: My three girls keeping me company this past weekend while the mister went off to Boston. (and stayed an extra day) We had a relaxing, quiet weekend and even a popcorn movie night. Their favorite (and mine)

I also can now finally share with you the blankets I made for Christmas presents. The blue one was for Kevin's parents and the grey one was for his brother and his brother's wife. I didn't really get good pictures because I had forgotten to take any and then the mister was getting ready to leave on friday to go and I grabbed them and took some quick shots.

His parent's blanket was enormous. It turned out being larger than a King sized blanket! It was so huge, but so amazing. I loved how it turned out.


Jason and Jenn's blanket, I wised up and scaled it down a bit. While it was still large (probably Queen sized) it is definitely more manageable! I wrote out the same basic pattern and color rotation of each and am actually in the process of making a blanket for my mom which will be the size of the smaller one. So crazy how different they can look based on the colors used. 

Happy Monday all.