Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Currently -

I know..tasty tuesdays is supposed to be up today. Believe me, no one is more upset than my mister who late Sunday said "Wait! You didn't bake today. It's still early - better get on it" (It was already 7pm)

The weekend kind of got away from me.  I ended up having to work OT on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a market day (not really anything exciting this weekend - we had to be a bit frugal so it was primarily meat and a few veggies, and eggs of course) Then we headed out and I got a new computer. It's so exciting but taking some getting used to. 

It doesn't have a cd rom drive so I almost had a panic attack when I thought I wasn't going to be able to put on my Adobe programs. Lots of downloads (and hours) later I was all set. According to Adobe they wanted me to buy another upgrade so that I could download their newest version. But my version is just fine for what I use. I think it's crap that they tried to pull that. I mean my god, I spent over $500 the last time (and that was JUST the upgrade, we already had programs prior to that)I'm sorry but the downloads should be made available for us. I have my serial numbers and proof of purchase etc. But whatever, I found a website that had all the links to the actual Adobe servers to get the downloads. And like I said..a few hours later, I have all my programs on my computer.

My computer is pretty neat. Windows 8 is on it. Do you have Windows 8? It's pretty neat on this computer because the screen is also a touch screen. But enough on a silly piece of machinery.. onto my "currently.."

Thinking about: my pretty craptastic day at work and that I don't want another repeat, but know I'm in for one...if not many over the next few weeks. (way to think positive huh?!)

Watching: We just finished watching the season of Coal. It was a reality show on coal miners in West Virginia. It was on a few years ago on Spike tv. Of course we are watching it on streaming Netflix, but maybe you could find reruns on tv? I was really excited about it because I work in the insurance industry and one of my clients is a large coal company. Watching the show actually gave me so much better understanding of the conditions these men work in. I can not even imagine working in those types of conditions. I have a lot of respect for someone that can go underground and work 10-12 hours a day in such dangerous conditions.

Reading: Packing for Mars by Mary Roach. I just started it and really like it so far.  Have you read any of her books? I really wanted to get "Stiff" but my local library only had this one about space travel. 

Listening: the humming of my new computer and the mister packing up a box in the other room.

Making: Miniature soaps. Yes, within the next month I will be offering sample sized soaps. I will be selling them in sample packs as well as large quantities for things like baby showers / bridal showers / weddings etc. I'm really excited about this and hope you all are too! More details to come soon.

Anticipating: Relaxing later tonight and doing absolutely nothing but watching a movie and eating popcorn and candy. 

Planning: A giveaway! Once I hit either 100 GFC readers or 100 Etsy sales I will be having a little giveaway for you guys. I'm at 91 on both. Which will make it to 100 first?! Either one to the triple digits will be a mini celebration, so a give-away is definitely in order.

Making me happy: this time of night when all the girls are tuckered out from the day and relaxing. well for the most part..until you say "Ella" and she runs over and attacks your face

What are you currently doing?